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Etusivu » Booking and delivery terms

Booking and delivery terms

The total price of the trip is paid in two instalments. 50% of the price is payable within 30 days of the booking. The remaining 50% must be paid by February of the year of the trip at the latest. We do not return paid booking or participation fees, unless the trip is prevented by a global pandemic or similar reason (see “Travel insurance”). If the trip is cancelled due to sickness or a similar reason and you have sufficient travel insurance cover, we recommend contacting your insurance company directly.

NB: The customer is responsible for booking their own flights either directly from the airline or via a travel agency. We are happy to provide you with relevant consultation help.

Payment details

Fish Creek TWW – Ltd (2174939-5)

IBAN: FI85 8000 1971 3860 09


Included in the price

  • Overland and river travel in Alaska (from the airport to the destination and back).
  • Accommodation in 4-person lodges (includes linen, heating and electricity). A dining tent (everyone contributes to cooking), outdoor toilet, campfire site and sauna (including firewood), as well as pepper spray for everyone. Basic kitchen equipment.
  • Basic introduction to the local nature and fishing on the site. Includes a person familiar with the pools, hiking trails and nature.

Additional costs

  • Flights
  • Food, which is prepared by you, has usually been below EUR 10 per person per day = approx. EUR 70 per week
  • Beverages for your personal consumption
  • Fishing permit: approx. EUR 55
  • Potential personal trips to Talkeetna (for a social evening get-together or a day out as a tourist).

Travel insurance and waiver

Make sure that you have sufficient travel insurance to compensate for the potential cancellation of your trip. If a global pandemic prevents you from travelling, we will primarily try to postpone your trip to the following year. If this is not possible, we will refund you in full.

It is important that you have sufficient travel insurance. As the Alaskan nature can be unpredictable, each nature, fishing or hunting tourist must sign a waiver form. Alaska Safaris Ltd/Henrik Wessel is the official tour operator at the US end (from the airport to Fish Creek and back). You can open the Waiver and Release Agreement form via the link. Once it has been signed, approved and scanned, it will be emailed to the Finnish tour operator Fish Creek – TWW Ltd ( Approving and submitting the signed form is a precondition for a successful trip.

There are many risks that may occur in Alaska (such as weather, other exposure, uneven terrain, strong currents, encounters with wildlife, and other hazards that have not been referred to here). You accept that Fish Creek – TWW Ltd is not liable for any exposure to or hazards arising from these risks. Fish Creek – TWW Ltd is not liable for any accidents, loss of personal property, cancellations or delays resulting from weather, government fishing bans, or other factors independent of us.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game has the authority to make changes to the fishing regulations at a short notice. This may entail fishing limitations pertaining to specific species or fishing methods. In the worst-case scenario, it may include a ban on the fishing of certain species of fish. Fish Creek – TWW Ltd sells fishing trips, and it may not be deemed liable for such restrictions. In the case of a ban on the fishing of a specific species, the trip can take place as long as it is possible to fish for other species.


At the destination, we respect all rules and regulations issued by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

At the destination, we will care for you in collaboration with Henrik Wessel (Alaska Safaris Ltd). Originally Norwegian, Henrik has been living in Alaska for approximately 30 years, has US citizenship, and has built several different fishing destinations over there. Please note that the site (cabins and services) shown by the link is not Fish Creek where we will be staying. That said, the fishing waters are primarily the same. The majority of the customers at Henrik’s lodge are from Norway, whereas most of the customers staying at Fish Creek are from Finland.