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Information about Fish Creek

    Embraced by wild nature, our Fish Creek destination is located in the heart of Alaska near the town of Talkeetna, at the junction of two salmon-rich rivers. A third river, Clear Creek, is less than a kilometre away. Our local guide, who is available whenever required, will also take us on their boat to new fishing spots during the week or, at our discretion, to spend a day in the town of Talkeetna, where we can learn more about the area’s history and its many sights, catch a flight to Denali on a light aircraft, or just enjoy the vibes of a carefree hippie community with its bars and live music.

    We have carefully chosen Fish Creek precisely for its location, because our customers wish to live in the wild with easy access to rivers filled with different species of salmon swimming up from the Pacific Ocean, such as:

    • Chinook salmon
    • Red salmon
    • Coho salmon
    • Chum salmon
    • Humpy salmon

    These rivers also have their native species of fish, including rainbow trout, dolly varden (which is related to the arctic char) and the arctic grayling. For additional spice, there is the local wildlife, which includes grizzly bears, black bears, wolves, coyotes, enormous moose, beavers and, last but not least, bald eagles.