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Lodges and accommodation

    Our lodges are located in the vicinity of an area frequented by bears. Near the cabins, there are also local beavers. The nearest fishing spots are less than 100 m away. The Talkeetna River is a big flowing glacier river, while Fish Creek is a small river with clear water and rich in fish. The region is located within the world’s northernmost rain forest zones, featuring a rich population of poplar trees and fern growing up to 2–3 m in height. Earthquakes can also be felt in the region. It is not uncommon to feel tremors during the week. The distance to the nearest neighbours is about 5 km. We keep in touch with them when necessary.

    Each of our three cabins houses four persons. Each cabin features two bunk beds, as well as tables and chairs. The cabins have heating, plus electricity for charging phones, cameras and other necessary devices. One of the cabins also includes a refrigerator and a freezer for the foodstuffs used for cooking dinners during the week.

    We cook and eat at the barbecue by the camp fire or in the dining tent. Our sauna, with direct access to Fish Creek, is a unique experience, because you will be sharing a refreshing bath in the river with the salmon. There is also an outdoor toilet in the cabin area.

    The cabins are basic but warm, and they positively ooze a sense of the wilderness. Electricity is provided by generators. We bring our drinking water with us, as the river water is not suitable for drinking due to the risk of a potential beaver fever (Giardiasis) infection. For safety purposes, it is of the utmost importance that each guest keeps the provided pepper spray on their person even on short outings. It is an extremely effective and safe weapon if you find yourself face to face with a bear.