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Make your dreams come true and fish in Alaska – it is closer and more affordable than you think.

Fish Creek is Finland’s leading organiser of fishing trips to Alaska since 2009.

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Alaska – the salmon fisher’s dream!

Have you dreamt about salmon fishing in Alaska? It is doable – and for a very reasonable price. A fishing trip to Alaska does not have to be a pipe dream. Anyone can do it, safely and for less money than you would think. A total budget of EUR 2,990 or even less is usually enough to cover everything you need – including the flights! Our customers include both fly fishing and spin fishing aficionados. Rich in fish, the waters are suitable for beginners and experienced nature and fishing lovers alike. The destination is perfect for fledgling fly fishers, because if you miss a salmon or two to begin with, you can easily remedy the situation with the next few attempts. The rivers and terrain provide both fly and spin fishers with plenty of space to cast. The rivers are 6–20 m wide and easy to cross in waders in many places, so there is no real need for long casts and there is also enough space behind you.


Experience Alaska at least once in your lifetime. You will understand why so many of our customers return to Alaska year after year – and some of them every year! Read about our customers’ amazing travel experiences here >

More information about the destination and accommodation

Lodges and accommodation

Our lodges are located in the vicinity of an area frequented by bears. Near the cabins, there are al…

Permits, agreements and regulations

What you need: Passport (must be valid for at least 6 months after your return home) A completed and…


What do our customers say about our trips?

I’ve been to Alaska three times. After all, it was memorable to fish the area’s number one fishing spot at the mouth of Clear Creek and to be excited because the first king salmon are pouring into the pool. The most common salmon on the trip were sockeye salmon weighing from a kilo to a few kilos, which offered rapid fatigue and delicious food for the campfire. The first trip left me thirsty to experience a place sometime at a time when there are really a lot of fish in the rivers.

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Jari Tuiskunen

Quite a tirering and kind of experience that I knew would be difficult to make happen in Swedish fishing waters where I normally spend my time. My previous experiences were mainly in hooking lake trout, and never with catches weighing more than a kilo. When I arrived in Alaska and Fish Creek in the summer of 2011, I knew immediately that my dreams would come true.

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Joel 26, Sverige

The week went by way too fast. All in all, the package was great: the trout camp and the National Day celebrations made the week really versatile.

The king salmon we craved came every day, the biggest ones well over 10 kilos. We concluded that the king is at least as tough a fighter as its Atlantic cousin. There were hardly any other fishermen on the river, because the king had calmed down.

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Soini Nurmi

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