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Fish Creek & Helifish combo trip

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For many years, in addition to combining fishing with hiking or a short boat trip, we have provided our customers with the option to go deeper into the Alaskan wilderness on a helicopter. The sandbank at Fish Creek acts as a landing site for a helicopter, which can fly three people at a time to our Trout Cabin. Even though the helicopter trip may seem short, it opens a brand new window on Alaska’s untouched nature and fishing. The cabins have beds for 4 + 2 persons (2 cabins).


All of the salmon arriving in Alaska also swim up here. In addition, the area is rich in rainbow trout, dolly varden and arctic grayling. It is important to keep in mind that there is an agreement in place to protect salmon completely this deep in the wilderness. This means that it is not allowed to fish for members of the salmon family on purpose. Should one get caught at the end of your line, you must release it with extreme care to let it keep reproducing.

The nature around Trout Cabin is breathtakingly beautiful. You can find several fishing pools, as well as easy or more challenging terrain to explore. In several places, the river can only be crossed in waders, which makes for more diverse fishing. Naturally, this varies on a yearly, weekly or daily basis, depending on the amount of rain coming from the mountain range.

Often on these combo trips, you spend the first 2–3 days at Fish Creek and then take the chopper to Trout Cabin for another 2–3 days there. The return to Fish Creek is either by helicopter or 2/3 of the journey by dinghy and the remaining 1/3 by boat. You can also plan to do Trout Cabin before or after your week at Fish Creek. You just need to plan your flights (departure/return) accordingly.

It is a good idea to enquire about the travel budget and booking situation when booking your trip. For practical reasons, the trip should ideally include 5–6 persons, so that the additional costs can be shared between several people.


Good to know…

All independent extracurricular activities are payable directly to the service provider. Fish Creek – TWW Ltd’s only role in this is to recommend additional trips. We are happy to help you in coming up with an unforgettable plan for Alaska, in addition to your visit to Fish Creek. Please ask the tour operator for more information.